Sunday, February 1, 2015

Unnecessary acts of kindness

The amount of unnecessary gestures from other collectors is never-ending. I experienced it twice in just the last couple of days alone.

The first was an unexpected PCE (Plain Cream Envelope) from P-Town Tom. A short while back, I asked him if John Ryan Murphy card in one of his posts was available. It wasn't a fancy card, just a run of the mill card I liked. Turns out, Tom had already sent it to another blogger. So for some reason, Tom sent me a nicer Murphy card, and apologized. Completely unnecessary.
The other act came from Rich, Managing Editor at Sports Collectors Daily. If you aren't signed up for their daily email, I highly recommend it. Each morning, they send out 3-4 hobby related stories, and it's a very good source to keep up on hobby-related news. I encourage you to take a spin around the site HERE.

Anyhow, Rich asked for my address so he could send some cards to Joey, my son. He sent me a nice batch of Hall of Famers which are going directly into Joey's binder...which needs more pages because you guys have been so generous to him. I haven't updated the "Joey's HOFer" section of my blog in a while, and I need to, as his collection (aka the collection I am creating for him) is really growing. It was a completely unnecessary act of kindness from Rich.
The thing is, this is just in the past couple of days. I could go on and on. It's basically a weekly occurance. It's done without fanfare or agenda. It's just collectors taking care of other collectors.

And that is awesome. Never change.

Saturday, January 31, 2015


I have wanted this card for a long, long time. I had the Kirby Puckett one growing up (I still do), and felt that the O'Neill would have been a great addition to my Yankees collection. In fact, I won one on eBay a few years ago, but it never arrived.

This one came courtesy of Listia. I didn't let it out of my sight, and was able to win it for a reasonable price, credit-wise.

It has a little bit of everything. It's clearcut, although not fully transparent because of the colors. The colors themselves are vibrant and refractor-like. This would definitely be a set that I'd love to see Topps bring back in a new Stadium Club issue.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Prospect excitement

Since I started this blog in 2011, I've collected cards of many Yankees prospects. Some were traded. Some were released. Some made their debuts. Some never panned out.

I love prospect cards, but I'm not a "prospector." I'm not acquiring cards of prospects, then hoping they make it big so I can flip them for cash. More than anything, I just like having a head start on collecting guys who could be the future of my favorite team.

I enjoy following prospects and learning more about them. This goes back to growing up in a city with minor league baseball (Binghamton Mets), and seeing those guys succeed and make the big leagues. Guys like the Mets' Generation K (ok, so not succeed like expected), Butch Husky, and Egardo Alfonzo are players I watched as a kid, and eventually saw them in the Majors.

Tyler Austin is a guy I've liked for a long time, and he's on the verge of his ML debut. He's so close! I'm sure he can feel it, and hopefully it's driving him, knowing how close within reach his dream is. I couldn't imagine being so close!

It's going to be very rewarding seeing him in the big leagues, and that's just from a goofy card collector. I can't imagine how Tyler and his family will feel when he steps up to a Major League plate for the first time.

Good luck in 2015, Tyler Austin.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Yellow brick road, emerald city, ruby slippers

Seriously, a lot of Wizard of Oz going on with these three colors. These three 2011 Bowman Platinums get me to 91 different Pinedas. Closing in on 100 and he's included in 2015 Topps Series One! So with parallels, I should probably end up with approximately 250 after next week.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Card bloggers, keeping the USPS in business

Ok, so I don't know if it's solely card bloggers keeping the USPS in business, but damn, we're helping, right?

I especially can't believe when other bloggers send me flat-rate boxes, but it happens. In this instance, John from Johnny's Trading Spot dropped a nice bomb on me, and it was chock full of cards that felt like they were straight from my '90s childhood. Four stacks worth!
It was an absolute blast to go through. I could have scanned like 100 cards, but here are some of my favorites.

There aren't many cooler sets than HolyGRFX. Man, it's easy to miss Upper Deck sometimes.
These cards are more trippy than they scan. I always liked the name Fleer "Brilliants." It felt appropriate for these cards.
The '90s had something for everyone. Everybody complains about too many sets, and I get it, but there was a set to satisfy everyone's tastes. Some people like cards. And comics. Is there any better mixture than this? It's like Coney was the Terminator.
There may never be a better card that captures El Dugue's unique windup.
I never noticed the Tino cameo in this Mike Stanley! Safe or out?
Mike Lowell signed this card for me TTM way back in the 1990s. I don't think I ever replaced it in non-signed form. Now I have one!
I don't just miss Upper Deck. I miss Pacific too. Seriously!
Here are a couple of more from some random sets that I enjoy.
I show the back of Nick Johnson's card to show what a beast he was. Being a Tino fan, I hated Nick Johnson lurking. But holy crap, his minor league numbers were INSANE. I can't imagine a prospect with this numbers right now. I just didn't understand at the time how good of a hitter Johnson was.
I could have gone on and on, but you get it. John, thank you so much!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Kanye Weston

Worst post title of the year so far? Worst post title of the year so far.

Now that I got your attention the cheap way, you might as well keep reading and check out some cards from my buddy Weston at Fantastic Catch. I really enjoy trading with Weston, as he seems like a Bowman guy and always has Yanks prospects for me.

See? Like these sweet Bowman Ice goodies, which might be the nicest parallels out there.
Weston sent me two sweet autos. Phil Wetherell is from 2014 Topps Heritage Minors, a set in which I own zero cards, which is awful for a guy who likes to collect prospects. Phil pitched well in 2014 and made it to AA. It's not unreasonable to think he may make his debut in the Yanks' bullpen in 2015.
The other auto was of Ivan Nova (edit: As Zippy Zappy pointed out, this is Hector Noesi. Nice attention to detail by me)! He could be a big boost to the rotation when he returns from TJ surgery in May or June.
Here is a sweet Gary Sanchez Top Prospects card from this year's Bowman Platinum. hard to tell, but it's diecut.
Donruss Estrellas had some cool cards! They aren't very appreciated, but I've gotten many random cards from these sets that I like a lot.
Lastly, two Tinos! I really need to figure out if I'm going to include Yankee Stadium Legacy as different cards in my Tino PC. On one hand, many of them look the same, but on the other, they have different numbers. That could mean they are different cards, right? I'm just a bit torn.
Weston, thanks for the good stuff!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Ice in the snow, fo sho.

It's not often I show cards the same day they arrive. I'm generally behind in blogging about any packages. Yet, I'm trying to catch up so that I can get to long overdue JBF and Zippy Zappy bombs, which will all require multiple posts.

As I'm sure you've heard, we're in the middle of a big snowstorm here in the NYC-area. From my experience, these are usually more hype than anything else, but even if we end up with 10 inches as opposed to 20, it's enough to mess things up for a day or so. I'm anticipating working from home tomorrow. I could definitely get to work, but I can do what I need from my laptop, and my kids will likely be off from daycare.

Anyhow, neither wind, nor rain, nor sleet, nor snow...could keep three new cards out of my mailbox today.

Speaking of ice, Gosuke Katoh! Bowman Ice parallels are some of the most striking cards out there today.
The second is a Ty Hensley Bowman Platinum X-Fractor I needed. It wasn't hard to find, just waited for one that didn't include the unecessary $3 shipping. I believe this came in under a buck overall.
The last is a 2004 Fleer Tino, which I didn't have. Jason from The Writer's Journey reached out asking if I needed any of the Tinos he listed. This was the only one I didn't have, although I also snagged a 1989 Bowman RC from him. Can't say no to that. I don't really remember this Fleer set, as I wasn't collecting then. It does show Tino in between teams, with a Cardinals uniform on but a Rays logo. Sigh. The lost years.
Jason, thanks for thinking of me!